Brand Messaging Pillars: The Foundation for Success

March 14, 2024
The illustration depicts brand messaging pillars as pillars of an ancient Greek temple, each representing a crucial aspect of the brand.

You've established a solid brand foundation by writing your brand purpose statement, position, and promise. Now, it's time to take the next step in building your brand: setting forth your brand and messaging pillars. To find out the current stage of your brand pillars, take our quick brand assessment.

These pillars are the five most significant reasons why you succeed in the market. They differentiate your offering and highlight the main benefits that customers derive from choosing your brand.

Your brand pillars create a compelling case for customers to choose your solution over alternatives. By framing the problem and leading with the criteria your solution satisfies, you align with customers who search for information online before making a purchase decision. It's crucial to ensure that your brand messaging pillars meet all five criteria, setting your solution apart from the competition.

In this blog post, we'll explore the significance of brand pillars in building a strong brand identity and guiding customer choices. We'll provide practical strategies for crafting effective brand pillars that differentiate your brand and meet customer needs. Get ready for actionable insights and tips on leveraging brand pillars to enhance your brand's success in the market.

Stand-out criteria: Setting Your Offering Apart with Strong Brand Pillars

Crafting stand-out criteria is crucial for setting your offering apart from competitors. These criteria, carefully chosen and easy to remember, create a compelling case for customers to choose your brand. They form the basis of your content marketing strategy, providing clarity and focus for all your communication channels. By leveraging these brand messaging pillars, you can confidently deliver your message and differentiate yourself in the marketplace.

Unveiling Disruptive Differentiators

We worked with a performance marketing agency, Disruptive Advertising, to differentiate their offering, culture, approach, and messaging from those of would-be competitors. Disruptive Advertising is a top-performing marketing agency known for its exceptional results and reputation. As the #1 pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and SEO firm and the most reviewed marketing agency across review platforms, they consistently deliver outstanding outcomes for their clients.

 In consultation with Jake Baadsgaard, Disruptive’s founder and CEO, we identified and succinctly articulated five criteria that set the agency apart and the five most significant benefits clients receive from them:

  • Top Talent: We hire, develop and retain top talent you can trust.
  • Strategy: We align marketing strategy and tactics to smart business goals.
  • Integration: We create multi-platform cohesive strategies.
  • Delivery: We deliver the right experience for each customer’s journey.
  • Insights: We provide actionable insights that improve performance.

These differentiators have made Disruptive Advertising a sought-after partner for businesses looking to expand their market reach and maximize their return on investment. By consistently pushing boundaries and staying ahead of industry trends, Disruptive Advertising continues to revolutionize the marketing landscape and inspire innovation.

Uncovering the Five Pillars: A Guide to Identifying Your Key Success Factors

Identifying the factors that contribute to success is crucial for any business. Disruptive Advertising, a leading marketing agency, followed a thoughtful process to develop its pillars - the key factors that set it apart. By analyzing their valued client relationships, the five factors we ended up with were these:

  • Authenticity: We only work with people and brands we believe in.
  • Top Talent: We hire, develop and retain top talent you can trust. 
  • Strategy: We align the right business goals to the right marketing strategy.
  • Insights: We provide actionable insights to improve performance and deliver the right experience for each customer’s journey.
  • Opportunity: We open doors to opportunities you can’t access alone.

To effectively differentiate your offering, it's crucial to understand customer needs and clearly communicate the benefits your product or service provides. A valuable exercise involves creating a value curve chart in Excel or Google Sheets, comparing your offering's ability to satisfy customer needs with competitors'. 

Initially, capture all potential features without limiting the analysis. Later, select the most significant features after a thorough examination. Additionally, explicitly communicate the benefits to customers, avoiding mere listing of product attributes. Instead, use imperative statements to highlight primary benefits and pair them with brand pillars to ensure customers understand the value proposition. By focusing on one primary benefit per feature, you can compellingly articulate why customers should choose your offering.

Building Your Moat: Key Success Factors

The bigger the moat, the better. The bigger the separation between what you can credibly claim between your five factors of success and what your competitors have to offer, the better. It’s to your advantage to focus on features of your offering that are most difficult for competitors to claim or imitate credibly. The best differentiators are structurally significant; they’re baked into an aspect of your business model that is difficult, if not impossible, for competitors to replicate without investing a lot of time, energy and financial resources. Better yet would be a moat you’ve built that they can’t cross from a patent or trade secret perspective, a protective barrier they can’t work around, and that will last a long time.

Brands can be effective moats in and of themselves if they become so synonymous with a category or idea in customers’ minds that it becomes nearly impossible to uproot and replace them.

Effective Communication: The Power of Concise Brand Pillars

Your brand messaging pillars are essential for conveying your message consistently throughout your customers' buying journeys. To successfully scale your brand, equip your team with clear, concise points they can confidently communicate. Keep your brand pillars concise, using simple one-line sentences that are easy to remember. Remember the golden rule: the less you say, the more they hear

Use conversational language that sounds natural and avoids marketing jargon. Practice with your team and customers to ensure your pillars flow smoothly. Feel free to paraphrase them while capturing the main ideas. Don't be afraid to change the order in which you present your brand pillars based on the situation. 

Remember to make your brand pillars all about your clients and the benefits they derive from your services and offerings. All they care about is “What’s in it for me?” If you’re not careful, you can accidentally flip the script and start talking about what you get from your brand pillars. You can avoid this frequent pitfall by reading your brand pillars out loud together as a team and viewing them from a client’s point of view. Better yet, you can and should test them with clients to ensure they’re landing right and communicating the right ideas in the right ways.

Crafting a Compelling Brand Narrative with your Pillars as the Backbone

Your brand narrative is built upon five key brand messaging pillars that outline your brand identity. These pillars, along with your elevator pitch, about us statement, and company overview, serve as the framework for your brand story. Each pillar represents a core aspect of your brand's values and benefits to customers. 

For example, our client Kinectify, an AML risk management company, developed its brand story with the help of these pillars. Led by founder Joseph Martin, the company identified its unique selling points and crafted corresponding paragraphs to elaborate on them. This narrative served as the foundation for Kinectify's website content, sales materials, and marketing collateral, enabling effective communication of its value proposition to clients.

  1. Visibility: Continuously monitor your transaction activities in real-time 

Through Kinectify’s sophisticated AI-powered alert engine, gaming companies can continuously monitor customer transaction activities in real-time. Businesses can also reduce duplicate work and blindspots by understanding customers’ transactions throughout their enterprises. In addition, the Kinectify platform empowers companies to conduct thorough risk assessments and gap analyses of their operations efficiently. Kinectify keeps them updated on changing AML laws and regulations locally, nationally, and globally. Kinectify also helps clients assess their organizational risk to identify and close any gaps.

  1. Flexibility: Control every aspect of your AML programs 

With advanced configuration menus and a suite of features, Kinectify allows gaming companies to control every aspect of their AML programs. Users can set risk thresholds, create custom alerts and configure monitoring standards. Organizations can also quickly adapt to changing regulatory requirements and market conditions and tailor their AML process to their unique preferences.

  1. Scalability: Scale compliance efficiently

Automating workflows is essential to scaling compliance efficiently. With Kinectify, clients can scale up their products and services while eliminating unnecessary software and reducing compliance friction. They can also seamlessly handle seasonal and transactional data surges.

  1. Advisory: Scale your AML capacity up and down with ease

Under the direction of AML industry experts, Kinectify’s advisory services clients can easily scale their capacity up and down. The Kinectify Advisors team has extensive experience in gaming regulatory compliance. As a result, clients can tap into Kinectify’s top AML talent on a fractional basis to meet their compliance deadlines and clear their backlogs.

  1. Premier Data Partners: Access global data sets. 

Kinectify works with premiere data partners, including Dow Jones and LexisNexis, to give you access to global data sets on net worth, litigation, media, watchlists, and other critical KYC data.

Clearly stating your brand pillars across communication touchpoints, as seen with Kinectify, enhances communication precision and consistency. Brand pillars also aid in organizing and prioritizing customer case studies, highlighting success stories that align with your brand's values and differentiation. By focusing on relevant customer segments and use cases, you streamline messaging and set clear marketing priorities.

Building a Strong Foundation with Brand Pillars

Brand pillars provide the essential support you need to establish a strong foundation for your brand. They define what makes your business unique and why your audience should take notice. Just like how communities honor exceptional individuals who embody their best qualities, you can celebrate your brand's differentiators by recognizing the unique features and benefits that set you apart. 

By shining a spotlight on your brand pillars, you reinforce your brand's purpose, position, and promise, showcasing what sets you apart from the competition and captivating your audience's attention.

Conclusion: Building a Strong Foundation with Purpose and Differentiation

Establishing solid brand pillars is crucial in building a strong and compelling brand foundation. By defining what sets your business apart and why your audience should care, brand messaging pillars provide the essential support needed for success. Just like how communities honor exceptional individuals who embody their best qualities, you, too, can celebrate your brand's unique attributes. By shining a spotlight on your brand pillars, you can reinforce your brand's purpose, position, and promise, captivating your audience's attention and setting yourself apart from the competition. With a clear focus on purpose and differentiation, foster a deep connection between your brand and your audience, and let your brand pillars become the driving force behind your success.

If your company needs brand strategy consulting, feel free to book a call with our brand consultant and strategist. 

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