Get your story straight®

You can scale your brand and business when you get your story straight. We help leaders create clear, concise, consistent messaging — tailored to each audience — so everyone on your team is aligned and always on message.

live up to your brand promise

Clarify Your brand Purpose

Your brand purpose is the difference you make beyond making money. Work with us to clarify your purpose and the other four elements of your brand foundation: brand position, brand promise, brand pillars and brand personality.

Articulate Your brand Value

Brand messaging speaks to all your audiences at a high level. Product messaging articulates your value for each audience. We'll help you create a messaging framework that includes all aspects of your functional and emotional benefits.

Codify Your brand Culture

Aristotle said, "We are what we repeatedly do." Codifying brand behaviors that live up to your brand promise creates a self-correcting brand culture that produces fruitful relationships with your employees and customers.

Applied Storytelling Brand Wheel™ concept used with permission
align your brand inside and out

Build a brand that scales

Branding aims to create your desired brand perception with the right words, images and experiences. The Backstory Brand Wheel™ Framework guides the branding process, so you can make and keep a differentiated brand promise at scale. Now you can track your progress and build buy-in each step of the way.

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