You can scale your brand and business when you get your story straight. We work with leaders to create clear, concise, consistent brand and product messaging, so everyone on the team knows what to say to each audience. And we help you define the audiences that matter most.

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Simon Sinek says, “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it and what you do simply proves what you believe.” Work with us to clarify your why and the other four elements of your brand platform: brand position, brand promise, brand pillars and brand personality.

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Marketing messages that are clear, concise and consistent create alignment across your product, marketing, sales and client success teams to support your business objectives and accelerate growth. When customers experience your value proposition as promised, they buy again and become advocates.

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Your brand culture is what your people repeatedly do when no one is looking. Company culture is the root system that grows beautiful brands that live up to their promise. Defining behaviors that bring your values to life is like writing down the recipe to grandma’s secret sauce. It allows you to scale the magic.

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Branding is the process of making and keeping a meaningful promise at scale. Backstory Branding specializes in helping growing companies and purpose-driven organizations articulate a promise that matters and a culture that lives up to it.