Test your assumptions to find words that resonate.

Everyone knows about the importance of product-market fit, but your messaging may be off if customers like your product and sales are slow. Our Message Market Fit process systematically and iteratively tests messaging assumptions to find words that resonate.


Build messaging prototypes

Building messaging prototypes doesn't take much time but can pay big dividends. Based on our in-depth interviews and collaborative working sessions with your team, we build messaging concepts with you based on our collective understanding and assumptions.

Measure customer feedback

We test your messaging concepts through a series of in-depth customer interviews to find out what resonates with them---or not. Unlike purely numbers-driven A/B tests, our process provides context for what words convey the correct meaning and why.

Learn, iterate, refine

Based on these customer insights, we make iterative changes and adjustments to your messaging until we find words that resonate. Experience shows that the right words can unlock hearts, minds, and wallets even when the product remains the same.


In their own words

Nothing informs effective messaging better than hearing the language customers use in talking about their problems and how your products can help solve them. The messaging insights from direct customer feedback can accelerate and improve the effectiveness of almost every aspect of your marketing and sales process. You can quickly build customer rapport when you know what to say to them and why. They'll sense you care and connect.

The only way to win is to learn faster than anyone else.


Eric Ries