Design a visual brand identity that reinforces your brand image.

Visual brand identity design encompasses your brand's entire look and feel, including your logo, typography, color palette and imagery. Backstory can help you create clear, consistent visual brand guidelines to convey a brand image that reinforces your desired brand perception.



Logos that rely on letters or text are referred to as logotypes. From your company name to someone's initials, logotypes emphasize name recognition and have a higher degree of formality than icon-driven logos. Braun, Coca-Cola and FedEx are all examples.


Logomarks (the Nike swoosh) are symbols or images companies use to represent brands visually. It takes time for your logo to become so meaningful and recognizable to customers and consumers that you can use it exclusively to represent your brand without your name.


Combining your logo and all the elements that go with it, including your logomark, company name and tagline--as a unified whole--is called a lock-up. We can help you design and organize all these elements into vertical and horizontal lock-ups that are ready to use.


Define visual brand communication standards.

From a visual brand communication standpoint, using classic design principles and maintaining continuity across touchpoints is vital. Consistent visual branding builds credibility and instills confidence. Backstory will help you establish brand style guidelines to set clear expectations for your teams and hold them accountable for upholding your standards. That way, everyone is aligned to a common goal instead of going it alone.

BRAND WISDOM - Paula Scher
Good design is timeless and transcends trends.


Paula Scher