Cultivate a brand culture that lives up to your promise.

It's one thing to make a brand promise that resonates with customers. Building a brand culture that lives up to that promise takes ongoing effort. Backstory can help you identify and codify the beliefs and behaviors that define your culture. Knowing how to live your brand is vital.



Core values are nouns that represent the ideals you live by to live up to your brand promise. For great brands cultures, living their values is non-negotiable; they invite anyone who doesn't live them to leave. If you don't remove someone who doesn't live your values, others can become cynical, doubtful and disengaged.


The beliefs you live by determine what you do and the results you get. Backstory will help you choose the cultural beliefs that impact your business most. And we'll help you codify them in real, relatable language so your people can write them in their hearts and minds, not just on your conference room wall.


How you and your people do your work is the essence of your brand culture. When you identify people who embody your brand and observe how they do their job, you'll discover behaviors that define your culture at its best. We will help you compile and codify those behaviors and write down the recipe for scaling your culture.


Capture and celebrate brand culture stories.

"One of the best ways to teach, instill and reinforce your brand culture is to celebrate and share stories of what it looks and sounds like to live your brand. Backstory facilitates this process. Working with company leaders, we capture and curate brand culture stories and find appropriate and impactful ways to share them. Leaders reinforce the process on a division, department and team level to create a company-wide storytelling culture. "

BRAND WISDOM - Sara Blakely
If someone is super talented and not a culture fit, we will not hire them.


Sara Blakely