Build a naming strategy that supports your goals.

Customers associate products with one another and the companies that make them to the degree that they share similar names. The more similar your names are, the closer the association. We'll help you find the right naming strategy to accomplish your branding goals.


Branded House

A branded house naming strategy gives all our products the same name, associating them with the same attributes. From almonds to trash bag liners, Kirkland, Costco's private label brand, stands for quality and value across various product categories.

House of Brands

With a house of brands naming strategy, products have different names, so you can market and sell similar products to other groups of customers to capture more market share. Think Luxottica eyewear: Rayban, Oakley, Oliver Peoples.


A hybrid approach to naming combines branded house and house of brands naming conventions for different product lines from the same company. This strategy works well when a company's product lines share distinctly different characteristics from one another.


Consistently follow your naming guidelines.

Customers appreciate logical, consistent naming conventions. A well-thought-out naming strategy requires you to anticipate how your brand will evolve and change over time. We can help you build a strategic brand architecture that lets customers understand your current product portfolio and accommodate new additions. These guidelines make it easier for team members with naming responsibilities to make good decisions.

BRAND WISDOM - David Aaker
Brand architecture organizes and structures the brand portfolio by specifying brand roles and the nature of relationships between brands.


David Aaker