Close your brand gaps with an integrated brand strategy.

If there's a gap between your current and desired brand perceptions, developing an integrated brand strategy can help you close it. Our branding process will help you identify the words, images and experiences to influence how customers perceive your brand.


Find the right words

When you understand who your customers are, what they want and what's in their way, you can position your brand as the best solution for their problems. Backstory will help you find out how they describe their pain and the value you provide for them in solving it.

Create the right visuals

Your visual brand identity, look and feel, and imagery can either contribute to or detract from your brand. Our network of designers has the experience and versatility to convey the right feeling for your brand in a way that connects with your audiences for the long term.

Deliver the right experiences

Everything your brand does communicates how you feel about your customers and your relationship with them. Backstory will help you increase your awareness of customer touchpoints and align them with your brand standards to build confidence in your business.


Create clear standards for expressing your brand.

Establishing a clear set of brand standards and guidelines can help you consistently communicate your brand visually, verbally, and experientially. We will help you create a visual brand style guide for visual communications that are always on brand, brand tone of voice guidelines that inform your copywriting and core values that define cultural beliefs and behaviors that help make the right experiences at scale. The resulting alignment will build trust.

BRAND WISDOM - Paul Gustavson
The essence of strategy is doing different things and doing things differently.


Paul Gustavson