Articulate the unique value of your products and improve alignment.

Product messaging quickly and consistently communicates the unique benefits your products provide customers clearly, concisely, and consistently. Knowing what to say to each of your audiences saves valuable time and resources across all your communications at scale.


Get real about who you ideal customers and personas are.

Creating actionable ideal customer profiles (ICPs) and personas requires an objective, in-depth understanding of who your customers are, what they want and what's in their way. We gather real insights to inform and build ICPs and personas that reflect your best customers.

Understand what they want and what's in their way.

Our process helps verify and summarize what your customers want---in context of what you do--and what's stopping them from getting it. Answering these questions helps position your products and services as the only solution that satisfies all your customers' criteria.

Translate features and advantages into benefits.

At the most basic level, messaging is what to say; copywriting is how to say it. Don't be surprised if your brand messaging sounds a little informational. You can breathe more emotion and personality into it when you convert it to copy and take it to market.


Clarify and articulate your FAB Messaging Framework: Features, Advantages, Benefits

Building a thorough and thoughtful messaging framework requires collaboration and input from your marketing, sales, client success, and product teams. Backstory will help everyone get on the same page, helping your company become more aligned and able to keep its promises. Customers are more likely to buy more from you and remain loyal to you when your audience-specific messages resonate and your product performs as promised.

BRAND WISDOM - Greg Daines
More customers renew when they experience the promised benefits of what they buy.


Greg Daines