Ben Peterson and Ryan Sanders are the purpose-driven co-founders of BambooHR. As leaders who walk their talk, Ben and Ryan built a healthy company culture that exemplifies the best of HR. Our founder, Jed Morley, worked with Ben and Ryan to write a brand purpose when the company had just 30 people; today, that purpose continues to guide the business. ""We set people free to do great work"" is more than a mantra; it's a way of life for over 1,000 employees at BambooHR.

"Jed is amazing at asking the key questions and demanding the answers that help drill into core strategy, not many are willing or capable of the effort to make this happen in a complete way. He helped us reframe BambooHR’s business strategy and brand story to accelerate our growth. I recommend him."
– Ben Peterson, Co-founder & Co-chairman at BambooHR

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