TAB Bank

As a customer-driven organization, TAB Bank has a clear focus. From placing ATMs for over-the-road truckers at Flying-J truck stops in the beginning to delivering high-touch digital-only banking services today, TAB's purpose and promise of making people upwardly mobile by giving them access to financial opportunities have remained the same. Uncovering these insights for TAB created alignment and set the stage for future growth.

"Jed is wicked smart and his background, experience and work does the talking for him. He deeps dives into the customers and really pulls out the messaging that is going to resonate with them. Loved working with Jed and would work with him again."
- John Huntinghouse, VP of Marketing, TAB Bank

  • Brand Discovery
  • Brand Platform
  • ICPs/Personas
  • Messaging
  • Narrative
  • Brand Architecture