Freedom Prep Academy

As one of the best charter schools in Utah, Freedom Prep Academy wanted its brand messaging and visual brand identity to clearly communicate its unique differentiators. We dug deep to uncover their commitment to personalized educaiton and codified the school's internal brand culture to live up to their promise: "We help students experience success by teaching them to think critically, connect socially, and serve selflessly."

"Jed laid out a clear plan to help us an organization rediscover our mission and values. Having a clear brand message and a commitment to our brand promise has been a unifying life vest in the ocean of stresses and challenges brought on by the pandemic. It is an absolute pleasure to work with Jed."
- Buddy Ivie, Principal

  • Brand Discovery
  • Brand Platform
  • ICPs/Personas
  • Visual Brand Identity
  • Narrative
  • Core Values