Hunter Sebresos pivoted into a new category when his previous company couldn't find product-market fit. Discovering pay dirt in the temp space, Hunter's life experience and passion for helping people inspired a new slogan for Bacon, his temp work app. ""Hustle and Shine"" encapsulates Bacon's brand philosophy, purpose and culture, and our audience-specific MessagMap™ tailored Bacon's benefits to each audience.

"Jed's work on our messaging strategy has been extraordinary and has exceeded my expectations. I believe he's the best in our market. He has honed the craft of discovering messages and values that truly resonate. He can also explain the importance of brand strategy to your team in simple terms that get everyone on board."
- Hunter Sebresos, Founder & CEO

  • Brand Discovery
  • Brand Platform
  • ICPs/Personas
  • Messaging
  • Narrative